Western States Jewish History
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Western States Jewish History proudly announces the grand opening of:

 The Jewish Museum of the American West


*  A Virtual Museum on Your Computer!  *

No Admission Charges * No Long Freeway Trips * No Waiting Lines * No Reservations Needed

Open 24/7 * No Parking Fees * No Screaming Lines of Childrens' School Groups

Experience the Third Golden Age of Judaism When Early Jewish Pioneers were a Major Factor in the Laying of the Foundations of the American Wild West.

Click here to be taken directly to our new museum

JMAW  The Jewish Museum of the American West is a division of Western States Jewish History.

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__ Now in Our 45th Year! __

Our Vision/Mission Statement

Western States Jewish History is a nonprofit organization dedicated to discovering, chronicling, and making available to the general public information on the Jewish participation in the pioneering and development of the American West, Canada, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim.

This mission is approached through the following methods:

  • The Western States Jewish History Quarterly Journal, now in its 43rd year of publication.

  • The Western States Jewish History Website, always under construction and growing each month.

  • The Western States Jewish History Archives, currently being located at major educational institutions in the Los Angeles Area.

  • Talks, lectures and storytelling history weekends available to organizations and synagogues.

  • The Jewish Museum of the American West   www.JMAW.org

Gladys Sturman, Publisher & Editor in Chief

David W. Epstein, Publisher & Managing Editor