Vol 30 Issue 1
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Table of Contents

Roosevelt, the Righteous, by Rabbi Dr. S. M. Neshes

Seraphine Pisko at Denver's National Jewish Hospital, by William Toll

The Confirmation Ceremonies of Congregation B'nai B'rith, Los Angeles, 1870

My Great Grandfathers by Edward Galland Zelinsky

The Jews of Eugene, Oregon by Robert Levinson

Fascinating Jewish Holdings in the Western History Collections, University of Oklahoma, by Carlton L. Bonilla and John R. Lovett

The Weilheimers: The Jewish Pioneer Family of Mountain View, California, by Diane Claerbout

Judaism Against a Backdrop of Life in the Third World, by Hope Anker Gray,
With an Afterward by George J. Fogelson

Obituaries: Some Jewish Women of the West