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Special Books Written by or Published by Dr. Norton Stern and/or William M. Kramer.

These books are hard to find and in very limited quantities.

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Western States Jewish History

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California Family Newmark: An Intimate History
by Leo Newmark, M.D.

with an Introduction by Dr. Norton Stern and a Commentary by William M. Kramer

Hardbound, 110 pages, index


Morris L. Goodman:
The First American Councilman of the City of Los Angeles

by Norton Stern & William M. Kramer

Hardbound Booklette, 32 pages. Only 300 copies were printed for the Los Angeles Bicentennial.


A California-Nevada Travel Diary of 1876:
The Delightful Account of a Ben B'rith

by David A. D'Ancona
Edited by William M. Kramer

Hardbound, 90 pages, Index. Only 350 copies were printed in 1974


Old Town, New Town: An Enjoyment of San Diego Jewish History

William M. Kramer, Editor
Stanley and Laurel Schwartz, Associate Editors

Eleven articles about the early Jewish history of San Diego

Perfect Bound, 94 pages, Index.


The American West and the Religious Experience

Articles by John E. Baur, Crerar Douglas, Leroy L. Lane, F. Patrick Nichelson, James E. Sefton, Norton B. Stern, Francis J. Weber and William M. Kramer

Protestant, Catholic, Methodist and Jewish articles of Religion in the Wild West

Perfect Bound, 150 pages, Index


Growing Up in California: A History of California Children

by John E. Baur
with an introduction by William M. Kramer

Western American Studies Series - 1978

Perfect Bound, 434 Pages, Index - $12
Hardbound, 434 Pages, Index - $18

Toby E. Rosenthal: San Francisco's Artist

by William M. Kramer & Norton B. Stern

with Rosenthal's Memoir of a Painter

Perfect Bound, 276 Pages, Index 1978


The Western Journal of Isaac Mayer Wise, 1877

Edited by William M. Kramer

Perfect Bound, 86 pages, Index - 1974


The California Religious Experience

edited by William M. Kramer and Crerar Douglas

Western American Studies Series - 1978

Perfect Bound, 418 pages, Index - 1980
Prepublication 8-1/2x11" edition


The Century of Max Zimmer: Builder and Philanthropist

by William M. Kramer

A Western States Jewish History Book

Perfect Bound, 102 Pages, 1993


Temple Israel Pulpit - 1957
The Sermons of Rabbi Max Nussbaum and Rabbi William M. Kramer
Hollywood California

The Word of the Rabbis to the Stars Fifty Year Ago

Hardbound, 102 Pages, 1957


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