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Sephardic Jews

in the

West Coast States

A 3-Volume Series

Edited by William M. Kramer


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Volume I: The San Francisco Grandees

36 Articles and Essays about the Sephardic founders of San Francisco.

300 Pages, Extensive Endnotes.

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Volume II: The Los Angeles Sephardic Experience (OUT OF PRINT - SORRY)

18 Articles about Sephardic leaders in Los Angeles from the early 19th through the 20th century.

300+ pages, Extensive Endnotes, Index for Volumes I & II.

$25, single copy. (Limited Copies Available)            Click here for order form.

Volume III: The Sephardic Experience: Seattle & Portland,
plus: Crypto Jews of the American Southwest

17 Articles. New research on the well-researched Northwestern Sephardic experience plus articles on the newly discovered Crypto-Jews.

230+ pages, 3-Volume Index

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Partial Table of Contents of the Three Volumes

Actually over 75 Articles

General Studies

The Discovery of America: 2 Judeo-Spanish Versions of the Event

The Historical Recovery of Pioneer Sephardic Jews of California,
by Norton B. Stern & William M. Kramer

Los Angeles (OUT OF PRINT)

Los Angeles Sephardic Pioneers

Los Angeles Jewry’s First President - A Sephard
by William M. Kramer

The Final Resting Place of Samuel K. Labatt
by Norton Simon

Los Angeles Sephardic Personalities

Dr. Adolphe de Castro Danziger: Founder of Communidad, Los Angeles,
by William M. Kramer

Dr. Jose A. Nissum,
by Rhoda Blecker

A Son of Solomon Nunes Carvalho,
by Robert Zuckerman

Solomon Carvelho - A Letter from Congress

Sephardic Items from the L.A. Star

Los Angeles Sephardic Synagogue Life

Blueprint for the Future - 1962,
by Maurice S. Amado

A Message from Rabbi Jacob M. Ott

Dedication of Temple Tifereth Israel,
by Maurice S. Amado 

Our Temples of Healing,
by Aron Cohen

Maurice Amado and You and Me,
by Stella Ruget

A Message from Max Candiotty

Music to My Ears,
by Suzanne Amado

Rabbi Jacob Ott,
by Rhoda Blecker

Temple Tefireth Israel,
by Beth Samuels

Los Angeles Essay

A Report on the Sephardim of Los Angeles - 1930

San Francisco

San Francisco Personalities

Arnold A. D’Ancona,
by Norton Stern

Jacob Ezekiel,
by Norton Stern

Raphael Schoyer,
by William M. Kramer

Lucius L. Solomons,
by Norton Stern

Leon Mendez Solomons,
1873-1900, by Jacob Voorsanger

Cecilia Benhayon Levy Bower: The Phospherecent

Jewish Bride — San Francisco’s Famous Murder Case
by Norton Stern and William M. Kramer

G. Albert Lansburgh, San Francisco Architect:

The Sephardic Connection
by Norten Stern and William M. Kramer

David A. D’Ancona, 1827-1908: A Sephardic B’nai B’rith Leader,
by William M. Kramer

An Answer to Anti-Semitism, San Francisco, 1883
by David A. D’Anocona

Washington Bartlett: California Jewish Governor
by Norton Stern

San Francisco Lawyers

Solomon Haydenfeldt,
by William M. Kramer

Henry Jacob Labatt,
by William M. Kramer

Isaac Nunez Cordozo, Western "Grandee"
by Gene H. Rosenblum

John Morris (Martizez) Martin: San Francisco Leader
by Norton Stern

Joseph Rodriguez Brandon, Activist Lawyer
by William M. Kramer

A Protest Against Sectarian Texts in California Schools in 1875,
by Joseph Rodriguez Brandon

The Commercial Position of the Jews in California - 1856
by Henry J. Labatt

The Earthquake of 1989 at the Concordia Club
by Sam Camhi

A 1906 San Fransisco Protest and Appeal,
by Jacob Nieto


Sephardim in America,
by Marc D. Angel

Notes on the Early History of Seattle’s Sephardic Community,
by Marc D. Angel

"Progress" Seattle’s Sephardic Monthly 1934-5
by Marc D. Angel

Sephardic Jews of Seattle,
by Lorraine Sidell

Congregation Bikor Cholim-Machzikay Hadath of Seattle: The Beginning Years,
by Meta Buttnick

Jewish Landmarks in Seattle’s Historic Pioneer Square District,
by Metta Buttnick and Jane A. Avner

Sephardic Folk Curing in Seattle,
by Melvine Firestone

Indulco & Mumia,
by Raphael Patai


David Solis-Cohn of Portland: Patriot, Pietist, Literateur and Lawyer,
by William M. Kramer

New Mexico & Texas

Jacob DeCordova: He Brought Families to Texas,
by Harold Preece

Chicanos of Jewish Decent in Texas,
by Richard G. Santos

Crypto-Jews in the American Southwest,
by Trudi Alexi

The Inquisition and the Crypto Jewish Community in Colonial Spain and New Mexico,
by Stanly M. Hordes

Modern Descendents of Conversos in New Mexico,
by David S. Nidel

David C. Deleon: Santa Fe, New Mexico Physician


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