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Pioneer Jews of Los Angeles in the Nineteenth Century

David W. Epstein & Gladys Sturman, Editors, with assistance from Harris Newmark, III and Abraham Hoffman, PhD.

Read of the merchants, bankers and Jewish religious leaders that built the economic and spiritual foundations of the great City of the Angels. 300+ pages. Extensive index. Special commentary by leading academic experts in Western Jewish History.

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A perfect gift. Written for the general reader.

Table of Contents

Section One

*** The Early Pioneer Merchants & Bankers •••

Introduction by Stephen Aron, Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of the American West at the Autry National Center                            1

Jacob Frankfort: The First Jew of Los Angeles, 1841 by Norton B. Stern & William M. Kramer    3

The Location of Los Angeles Jewry at the Beginning of 1851 by Norton B. Stern     6

Solomon Nunes Carvalho: Helped in Founding of the Los Angeles Jewish Community
by William M. Kramer    10

Morris Goodman: The First American Councilman of the City of Los Angeles, 1819 - 1888
by Norton B. Stern & William M. Kramer    17

Harris Newmark: Leading Citizen of Los Angeles for 60 Years, 1834 - 1916
by Norton B. Stern & William M. Kramer    30

Historical Quotes by Harris Newmark edited by Dr. Harris Newmark, III    33

Samuel K. Labatt: Sephardic Founder of the Los Angeles Jewish Community, 1830 - 1873
by William M. Kramer & Norton B. Stern   42

Myer Joseph Newmark: Los Angeles Civic Leader and First Jewish Professional; 1838 - 1911   48

Myer Newmark’s Log Around the Horn. 1852 - 1853, by Myer J. Newmark   72

Solomon Lazard: Major Pioneer of the Infrastructure of Los Angeles, 1826 - 1916
by Francine Landau     96

Jacob Elias: Early Los Angeles Pioneer, Merchant and Jewish Leader       108

Wolf Kalisher: Immigrant, Pioneer Merchant & Indian Advocate, 1826 - 1889
by Richard L. Carrico    109

Isaac Lankershim: Creator of the San Fernando Valley Breadbasket, 1818 - 1882
by William M. Kramer & Norton B. Stern    115

Leopold Harris: Men’s Clothier of Los Angeles    122

Bernard Cohn: Miner, Merchant, Civic Leader, 1835 - 1889
by Norton B. Stern

Isaias W. Hellmam: Pioneer Merchant & Banker of California, 1842 - 1920
by Norton B. Stern    133

Isaias W. Hellman: Banker of the Southland in 1885   147

Did the Jews Destroy a Los Angeles Bank in 1875? A Letter to Mr. H. Newmark
by J. A. Graves    149


Section Two

*** Politics and Census ***

Introduction by David N. Myers, Professor of History and Director of the Center for Jewish Studies at UCLA    154

A Study of Jewish Voters During Grant’s First Presidential Campaign Race, 1868
by Norton B. Stern    157

Jews in the 1870 Census of Los Angeles
by Norton B. Stern

*** Later Nineteenth Century Pioneer Merchants ***

The Jacoby Brothers of Los Angeles: A Self-Portrait, 1888    181

Herman Silver: Jewish Civic Leader of Los Angeles, 1830 - 1913
by William M. Kramer    183

Mina Norton: Jewish Professional Teacher    194

Eugene & Edward Germain of Los Angeles
by Harriet Ashby

Charles F. Lummis and the Newmarks of Los Angeles
by Dudley Gordon


Section Three

*** Organizational and Spiritual Leadership ***

Introduction by William Deverell, Professor of History at USC and Director of the Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West    206

Harris Caspar & Tan Rotchild: Two Murder Victims Buried in Los Angeles in the New Jewish Cemetery, 1855 & 1863
by Norton B. Stern & William M. Kramer    208

The Jewish Cemetery in Chavez Ravine: The First Jewish Community Site in Los Angeles, 1855
by Thomas Cohen    210

Samuel Labatt: Los Angeles’ Jewry’s First "President," 1854
by William M. Kramer

The Ladies’ Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles, 1870 - 1892
by Virginia Katz    220

Henry Wartenberg: Businessman & Community Leader, 1830 - 1879.
Includes the Wartenberg Report to the Hebrew Benevolent Society, 1870.
by Norton B. Stern    223

Unexpected Help for the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles, 1898
by Victor Harris    230

Congregation B’nai B’rith: The First Synagogue in Los Angeles, 1862
by Tom Owen    232

Rabbi Abraham Wolf Edelman: Jewish Padre to the Pueblo, (Serving 1862 - 1885)
by Norton B. Stern & William M. Kramer    235

Rabbi Emanuel Schreiber: First "Reform" Rabbi of Los Angeles, (Serving 1885 - 1889)
by William M. Kramer & Reva Clar    250

Rabbi Michael G. Solomon: Los Angeles, (Serving 1895 - 1899)
by William M. Kramer & Reva Clar    259


The Emanu-El / The B’nai B’rith Messenger, Los Angeles’ First Jewish Newspaper, 1897
by Norton B. Stern    274

*** History in the Making ***

History in the Making: A New Life for the History of Jewish Los Angeles
by Erik Greenberg 

Index     297