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Jewish Women of the American West

An Anthology of Articles Published by Western States Jewish History.

24 stories of women who made a difference and their contributions to the growth of the American West.

230+ pages.             Click here for order form.

$25, single copy.

Table of Contents

Part One

The Anna Marks Quilt, Text & Introduction      1

Hannah Solomon Jacobs, Victoria Jacobs, Hannah Mannasse & Celita Mannassa of Old San Diego
by Audrey R. Karsh 

Jeannette Lazard and Her Los Angeles School     13

Adele, Helene, Rebecca & Josephine: The Four Godchaux Ststers of San Francisco, by Flora J. Arnstein and Susan B. Park     14

Harriet Ashim Choynski: An 1850 Arrival to San Francisco,
by Norton B. Stern

Susan Levy, Corrine S. Koshland, Mary Goldsmith Prag, Amelia Dannenberg & Carolyn Anspacher: Five Pioneer Jewish Women of San Francisco
by Norton B. Stern     28

Alice G. Friedlander: A Portland Girl of Womenís Civil Rights
by Alice G. Friedlander     37

The Ladiesí Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles
by Virginia Katz     42

Hattie Ferrin: The First Jewish Girl Born, Educated and Married in Tucson, Arizona     45

Selma Gruenberg Lewis and Selma, California: A City Named After Her
by Norton B. Stern     48

Ray Frank: The Girl Rabbi of the Golden West
by Reva Clar and William M. Kramer     55

Part Two

The Fanny Brooks Quilt, Text and Introduction     99

Elizabeth Fleischman-Aschheim: X-ray Pioneer of California
by Norton B. Stern    103

Rosa Sonnechein, Publisher from St. Louis
by Dr. David Geffen    105

Dr. Sarah Vasen: First Jewish Physician of Los Angeles
by Reva Clar    110

Estelle and Herman Meyer of Galveston and Their Daughter Marguerite, A Memoir
by Marguerite Meyer Marks    121

Birdie Stodel: Los Angeles Jewish Community Leader
by William M. Kramer & Norton B. Stern    133

Communal Life of San Francisco Jewish Women
by Josephine Cohn    138

Trinidad, Coloradoís Jewish Women: The Domestic Basis of Community
by William Toll    159

Hattie Hecht Sloss: Cultural Leader of San Francisco
by William M. Kramer & Norton B. Stern    175

Part Three

The Sarah Thal Quilt, Text & Introduction    185

Anna Meyers, Modern Fund Raising Pioneer in the West
by William M. Kramer & Norton B. Stern    189

Rose Posotta: Jewish Labor Organizer in the Far West
by Gerald Sorin    201

Selina Solomons and Her Quest for the Sixth Star
by M. K. Silver    211

Edith Green: San Francisco Televisionís Early Cook
by Wayne S. Wooden    224