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California: Earthquakes and Jews

Edited by William M. Kramer

Learn about 150 years of earthquakes and how the Jews of each earthquake in each area rose to help and rebuild their cities and communities. 32 articles and essays.

"This book is a Jewish profile in the picture of the human family in crisis. It is the story of individual Jews, Jewish organizations and Jewish communities as they confron disaster, and meet it with commitment, courage and compassion."                                                                                   --William M. Kramer

260+ pages

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Table of Contents


Jewish Spiritual Geology,
by William M. Kramer   9

Sixty Years of Earthquake Memories,
by Harris Newmark   21


The Northridge Quake, 1994

The Los Angeles Earthquake & the Jewish Community
by William M. Kramer with Robin L. Gilson   29

Aid Pours in after Earthquake, Heritage Newspaper Round-up 77

Putting the Pieces Together,
by Zvi B. Hollander     83

California Earthquake Theology,
by William M. Kramer     85


The Great San Francisco Earthquake-Fire, 1906

Personal Accounts

Flora Arnstein,
by Blake Green     103

Mark M. Cohn     105

J. B. Levison     113

Abraham Levitt     119

Hyman Levy,
by Linda M. Drogin     127

Sol Lesser     131

Ernest Lilienthal,
by F. Gordon O’Neill     137

Edgar Magnin, by
William M. Kramer and Reva Clar     143

Cyril Magnin,
from San Francisco Chronicle     147

Harry Meyer     151

Pauline Reinhart     155

Paul Sinsheimer     161

Henry Wangenheim     181

Overviews, 1906

Relief Work after the Earthquake-Fire,
by Jacob Voorsanger     187

Jewish Conditions after the Earthquake-Fire,
by Rudolph L Coffee     197

San Francisco Jewry Following the Earthquake Fire
by Judah L. Magnes and Lee K. Frankel     205

Four Vignettes from the Great Disaster     211


The Long Beach Earthquake, 1933

The Long Beach Earthquake of 1933,
by Regina Lindenbaum     217

The Earthquake of 1933,
by Ira L. Harris     223

The Waterman Report,
by Evelyn Waterman     227

Albert Einstein, One of Two Schlemiels,
by Larry L. Meyer     229

The San Fernando/Sylmar Quake, 1971

Memories of the San Fernando/Sylmar Earthquake
from press sources     233


The San Francisco/San Jose Earthquake, 1989

Federation Seeks Funds for Relief,
by Peggy Isaak Gluck     239

JCC Offers Hot Meals and Support,
by Matt Elkins     247

Old Timers Recall Quakes During Their Lifetime
by Peggy Isaak Gluck     251


The Eureka Quake, 1992

Books Tumble, but Temple "OK",
by Garth Wolkoff     257


Index     259