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Pioneer Jews of British Columbia

13 chapters about the creation of Jewish life in Western Canada.

Created in conjunction with the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia.

288 Pages. Endnotes.            Click here for order form.

$25, single copy

Table of Contents

by Cyril E. Leonoff

The Hebrew Ladies of Victoria, Vancouver Island
by Cyril E. Leonoff

Julius Silversmith: Pioneer Pedagogue and Publisher
by Christopher J.P. Hanna   

David Belasco: From Frontier to Fame
by Sarah H. Tobe 

by Geoffrey Castle 

Traders on the Frontier
by Christopher J.P. Hanna 

Victoria’s Curio Dealers
by Sarah H. Tobe 

Dawson City, Yukon Revisited, 1898-1998
by Cyril E. Leonoff 

Hannah Director’s Album of Memories
by Sarah H. Tobe 

The Adelbergs: Homesteading the Peace
by Sarah H. Tobe 

Silver King Mike of the West Kootenay, B.C.
by Cyril E. Leonoff 

The Trail Years: A Memoir
by Leopold Levy 

Jews in Greater Vancouver
by Cyril E. Leonoff   

The Authors

Geoffrey Castle is a retired archivist of the Public Archives of British Columbia and the Saanich Municipal Archives. He is the author of two books on the history of Victoria’s buildings.

Christopher J.P. Hanna, a native Victorian, is a professional historical researcher and writer with a great interest in the history of early Victoria.

Cyril E. Leonoff is the senior historian of the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia and the Canadian editor of Western States Jewish History.

Leopold (Leo) Levy was a prominent citizen of Trail, British Columbia and leader of its Jewish community for thirty years. He died in 2002, three months short of his Centenary.

Sarah H. (Sally) Tobe is a historical researcher and writer, editing a number of issues of The Scribe and producing the video More Than Gold for the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia.