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Western States Jewish History
and a Special Issue Celebrating
50 Years of the
American Jewish Archives

10 important articles originally published by the AJA about Jews and the American West. Most important is an extensive study of Jacob Schiff’s Galveston Movement: A Experiment in Immigration Deflection, 1907-1914.

175+ pages

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Table of Contents

A Statement of Purpose: The American Jewish Archives    98

The American Jewish Archives
by Gladys Sturman and Stanley F. Chyet

Anti-Jewish Sentiment in California, 1855   111

Philip and Samuel H. Drachman and the Goldberg Brothers: Arizona Pioneers
by Floyd S. Fierman

The Jews of Alaska, 1869-1961
by Jessie S. Bloom

Starting a Jewish Cemetery in Saskatchewan, Canada
by Clara Lander

"The Girls" in Chicago: Ernestine and Louise Heller
by Ruth Heller Steiner

The Changing Jewish Community of Dallas, Texas, 1959
by Irving L. Goldberg

Jewish Life and Thought in an Academic Community: University of Illinois, 1962, A Case Study of Town and Gown
by Henry Cohen   213

Jacob H. Schiff’s Galveston Movement: An Experiment in Immigration Deflection, 1907-1914
by Gary Dean Best


Western Jewish History Book Review

"And Prairie Dogs Weren’t Kosher:  Jewish Women in the Upper Midwest since 1855"
Reviewed by Abraham Hoffman

Note: Pages of this special issue run from 98-272 as part of Volume #31